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Lately, plastic instruments have appeared in the music world. First was the trombone, after the trumpet and finally we have the tuba and the euphonium. In the following post I´m going to analyse a plastic tuba.

Two months ago I contacted with the Chinese factory that produces Tiger plastic instruments called "Rheinsound Music" . After several emais I bought a plastic blue euphonium and a black tuba. These instruments arrived to Spain two weeks ago and now I´m going to share my opinion about plastic tuba with my readers.


  • Key: BBb
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Bell: 485 mm
  • High: 940 mm
  • 4 steel rotary valves
  • Mouthpiece 31
  • Gigbag
  • Finish: Lacquered.
  • Netto Weight: 5.5 KG
  • Price: 960 US$ + 350 US$ shipping.



That is one of the most important advantages of the instrument. Thanks to it´s reduce weight (5.5 Kg), the instrument is very attractive for tuba players because usually we have to play heavy brass tuba. In my opinion the plastic tuba it´s very interesting to conservatories, music schools and concert bands.

Sound: The sound has good quality. Everybody has been surprised by his sound, even Stefan Schulz, Bass trombone of Berliner Philharmonic. In contrast to what we can think, there are researches showing the sound of brass instruments is not influenced by the material that they are built with but by the shape. You can check the sound in my "vídeo". I reccommend using the brass mouthpiece.

Intonation: In general, the intonation is good. Of course there are some notes with problems but the same thing happens with brass instruments. We can solve these problems if we work it.

Price: If we compare it with the brass tuba, the price is very cheap. Only $940 plus shipping.

Key in BBb:  Plastic tuba allows to euphonium students to change quickly and easily to the BBb tuba, because they have to change the mouthpiece only, avoiding the fingerings problems to play CC tuba.

Diffusion: Plastic tuba is available in servaral colours (red, black, yellow, blue) what is very striking by kids. I have not doubt that it will be a useful tool to attract new strudents to conservatories, music schools and wind bands.


Fragility: It is the most important problem what I see in the tuba. Plastic can break it easily. The bell is the most fragile zone, but also we can say the it is easy to repair with glue.

Maintenance: The machinery requires attencion continually. It almost needs oil everyday to work well. Also the distance of rotor valve is too long, it make difficult to play fast.

Quality: In my opinion the plastic tuba has a basic quality, something that we can hope if we see the price of the instrument. I will hope that in the future we will see improve the quality of these instruments.


Street performances:

  • Very useful for wind and marching bands that perform long parades.
  • Charanga and bands. For these groups are ideal tuba colors.

Conservatories and music schools:

  • It is an excellent tool to attract new students, being a lightweight instrument, it is very manageable and striking.
  • Allows euphonium students to change to the tuba almost unchanged.

You can buy the "Plastic Euphonium" clicking HERE.

You can buy the "Plastic Tuba" clicking HERE.

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